Monday, April 21, 2014

Cottonwood Teams Spend Time With Their PEEPS

As a tie-in to the Easter weekend, Cottonwood staff members were given the task of working with their grade level/job-alike teams to create an diorama display using the classic Peeps sugar-blasted marshmallow treats as the main focus.  The winning team would receive a Subway gift card as a reward for their creativity and effort.  Many teams went far above and beyond ordinary expectations to build exceptional displays.  The Office Staff, for example, went the pun route with a display entitled "Peeping Toms."  As you can see, Peep versions of Tom Brady, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, and other tomfoolery are seen peeping over a fence to ogle sunbathing "chicks" in bikinis.

The Second Grade entry featured the T-Birds and Pink Ladies from the hit musical and movie Grease.  The attention to detail on this display was simply amazing.  Their Peeps go together like shoo-bop-sha-wadda-wadda-yippity-boom-de-boom.

The Special Education team chipped in with a literal version of nutritional balance.  Bonus points here for linguistic creativity, if not for sound dietary advice.

Next up, let's look at the Sixth Grade team's somewhat disturbing diorama.  I think the less said about this one, the better.

Moving right along, the Kindergarten squad created a fantastic interpretation of the animated film ".Despicable Me," appropriately entitled "Despicable Peeps."  It's so CHEWY I'M GONNA DIE!!!

Which brings us to the Fifth Grade team submission, "I Pity the Peep..."  In this scene, the fifth grade teachers -- disguised as Peep bunnies -- are warding off a team of various intruders who are trying to invade Cottonwood School.  With a defense team such as this, our Coyotes have nothing to worry about.

Another PG-13 entry was turned in by the Third Grade team, under the moniker "Coyote Den."  Here you see a dancing Peep entertaining the masses, who are partaking in various forms of refreshment.

And of course, with all the Cottonwood runners on campus, not to mention the 100 Mile Club, there was sure to be a running themed entry, and our Fourth Grade team did not disappoint.  Here you'll see an entire starting corral of Peeps ready to run the Cottonwood Peep-a-thon.

And finally, our First Grade team went the literary route with a display called "Gulliver's Travels."  Here you see the Lillipeeptians surrounding the high-calorie "Gulliver" in quite an adventure.

After the voting was in, the Grand Prize was awarded to "The Coyote Den!"  Congratulations to our third grade team for their creativity.  Second place went to second grade's "Grease" entry, and third place went to "Peeping Toms" by the office staff.  

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